NFC/RFID Anti_counterfeiting App
Jeptags is the solution to anti-counterfeit on the market that uses chip to secure connections for the product to a consumer all around the world and 1st solution B2C to support anti-counterfeit. Its Headquareters is located in the Silicon Valley, California, USA. Jeptag is founded by a group of elite programmers with many years of experiences about anti-counterfeit, Information technology, network security and such. The Jeptag for consumer and Jeptagfor business and Mobile App Jeptags solution comes complete with smart label secure code (device) for product authentication and supply.
Our Solution
Scans Jeptag's SMART LABEL simply using your mobile phone to indentify genuine products All Jeptag's chips are encoded directly at Jeptag's office in Silicon Valley, USA. Jeptag's authentic products could be located using the GPS based finder feature Authenticate to use the app Jeptags Business to upload information of product to cloud. Consume will easy to install app Jeptag on phone to scan product Customer will talk direct to authentication and jeptags service 24/7